A sunny and healthy villa--Long Sha Lake Liuyanghe Villa Area
2020-08-04 11:08:49

In order to alleviate the problem of ground use on the ground, more and more garages are built underground. However, due to the large parking lot area, how to save lighting energy and ventilation is a concern of many property owners. In this situation, SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device has been in full swing in China in recent years. We have visible light pipes from many underground parking garages.

The Changsha Lake Liuyanghe Villa District is located in the main city of Furong District, Changsha City. It fully occupies the core resources of the city and is adjacent to the provincial and provincial military regions. There are Wanjiali, wedding parks and other urban business districts nearby. The project is built on the river and has a beautiful environment.


In order to implement the concept of green residential and energy-saving health, the designers used the local natural lighting conditions to illuminate, and installed SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device in the underground garage to create a full-spectrum lighting environment. Through the introduction of natural light, people's bad psychological feelings such as closure, tension, anxiety, etc. generated in the underground space are alleviated. SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device is capable of efficiently transmitting natural light, and achieves daytime continuous natural light and daylight illumination in the underground space, and the lighting effect is superior.



Everyone knows that the place where the sun is not available is where doctors often come. Without sunlight, the interior of the space will appear dark, depressed, and prone to bacteria. With the light pipe, the beneficial natural light is introduced into the room, which greatly increases the health and comfort. At the same time, the design life of the light pipe is more than 25 years, and it is maintenance-free daily. SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device operation process does not involve power consumption, which can effectively reduce the safety hazards caused by power outages during the day and the fire hazards caused by electricity use.

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