"Litchma" is gone, how is the light pipe?
2020-08-04 11:11:37


Recently, the No. 9 typhoon “Likima” has caused 8.97 million people in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Fujian, Hebei, Liaoning, and Jilin provinces to suffer disasters, and 1.713 million people have been resettled and resettled. It is understood that this The second typhoon also caused 5,300 houses to collapse, 42,000 to varying degrees of damage; the area affected by crops was 531 thousand hectares. It has caused great losses to people's production and life.

Faced with such extreme weather, people can't help but wonder if the installed light pipe can provide the same stable lighting, especially in the case of water and power failure. Below, SOLARLIGHTgives the answers you want in the actual case.


The underground garage of a residential area in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, installed 27 sets of SL530 SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device to achieve continuous daylight natural lighting and no electricity. On the occasion of the arrival of Typhoon Lichma, according to the owner, there was no crack in the lighting cover installed in the underground garage, and there was no leakage of a light pipe. The underground garage was lighted through the SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device. The illumination intensity of Tubular Daylight Device illumination is not greatly affected and fully meets the basic illumination requirements. There is still heavy rain outside, the light pipe does not see rain and dripping, and the ground does not see wet areas. It is enough to prove the high tightness and high water resistance of the product.


To achieve high airtightness and high water resistance is not as simple as imagined. From design to material, it is necessary to carefully study and trial and error, to ensure the feasibility of the product, and to install the professionalism to form an integrated Complete effect. So how does the SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device do it?

1. SOLARLIGHT hood uses a unique German optical grade PC material and full light transmission technology, the strength of the Biaco force is 32 times larger. For smog and rainy days, by optimizing the curved surface design, natural light can be collected in the largest amount, while the suspended particles in the air and the moisture in the air are isolated. The nighttime dew and the rain in the sky are enough to keep the hood. Cleanliness and transparency; a more unique three-layer filtration UV process, the product is resistant to aging and has a service life of up to 30 years.

2. The waterproof cap adopts 0.7mm thick galvanized steel plate, which is seamlessly stamped and formed in one piece, never cracking and leaking, ensuring no leakage installation. Excellent powder electrostatic spray sealing and steam insulation performance, with natural corrosion resistance; special self-tapping cement screw, combined with cement podium can achieve the same strength as the roof structure.

3. The reflective surface of the light pipe is treated by anodized titanium metallized silicon oxide film, never rusting or oxidizing, and the reflectivity is 99%.

4. Light pipe and waterproof cap, between the two metal parts, the light pipe is broken by bridge to prevent heat insulation;

5. The back cover is sealed between the hood and the waterproof cap to achieve the breathable, dustproof and insect proof sealing performance.

6. High quality 316# stainless steel self-tapping screws are corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, ensuring the tightness and durability of the connection.

7. High-quality 0.08mm thick aluminum foil tape is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, good viscosity, strong adhesion, anti-aging, high heat preservation performance. Aluminum foil tape is suitable for the joint of all aluminum materials, and the sealing is durable.

8. Waterproof sealant adopts Swiss SIKA outdoor high performance polyurethane sealant. Swiss SIKA high performance polyurethane sealant has high tear strength and strong adhesion. The sealant is suitable for surface bonding of various materials, especially concrete porous base. Material surface.

9. The construction team of the product installation and commissioning is the long-term professional staff of SOLARLIGHT. The main backbone personnel have undergone 10 days of professional installation training, and have more than 3 years of professional construction experience to ensure the professionalism of the installation process.

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