SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device, let the sun fill every corner
2020-08-03 14:54:35

Being able to feel the sunshine outdoors is a daily life for many people, but there are also many white-collar workers who work at school. Students in school can't go outdoors to feel the sun, accept the baptism of the sun, especially white-collar workers, work indoors for a long time. Exposure to strong light can affect vision, there may be a decrease in resistance, and dry skin may interfere with the body clock.


So can you bathe in the sun indoors? SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device can introduce outside sunlight into the room, collect sunlight through an outdoor daylighting device, and introduce it into the system. After efficient transmission through the light pipe, the natural light is evenly distributed by the diffuser to the room. Any place, from dawn to dusk, even cloudy or rainy days, can get good lighting effects, so that people can enjoy the comfort of sunlight lighting without leaving their homes, reducing the discomfort caused by electric lighting, energy saving and environmental protection. Respond to the call of the country for green and low carbon.

As a kind of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy building lighting device, SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device is suitable for all kinds of single buildings, such as gymnasium, school classroom, office space, supermarket, hospital, library, underground garage, workshop, Metro tunnels and other places have been well received by users.

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