Installation process of Tubular Daylight Device - concrete roof
2020-08-04 11:05:25

It is generally required that Tubular Daylight Device is installed in the roof of the concrete reserved hole type for 2 hours. Below, SOLARLIGHT introduces the specific process.

Follow the construction of the running water, combined with the actual situation of the site, plan the construction and installation lines in advance.

1. Site preparation

The piers constructed by the civil engineering should ensure the installation dimensions of the light pipe and the waterproof cap. The top surface of the podium should be flat, the appearance is smooth, no honeycomb surface and running mode. The podium has been reserved, and the civil works should be leveled on the upper part of the hollow concrete podium to remove mortar and exposed steel.

2. Pedestrian cleaning

Use a wire brush to clean the top surface of the podium and then clean the dust with a brush;



3. Install a waterproof cap

Clean the installation base, determine the correct position, and place a waterproof cap to ensure that the concentricity error between the waterproof cap and the concrete podium does not exceed 5mm. During installation, the waterproof cap is placed above the concrete podium, and the horizontal level is placed. At the same time, the screw hole of the lower side of the waterproof cap is drilled, the outer sealant is used to seal the riveting and the screw position, and the waterproof cap is fixed on the concrete podium by the fixing screw. Then, one ring under the waterproof cap and one joint of the waterproof cap and the podium are used to perform two sealing and waterproof treatments.

4. Light pipe installation

Pipe connection: assemble the extension tube, fix it at each joint with 3 light guide tube fastening screws, and the 3 light guide tube screws should be evenly distributed around the circumference of the light guide tube. The pipe loop is then installed at the upper pipe opening.

Pipe sealing: Paste the light pipe with a special aluminum foil tape. After attaching the aluminum foil tape, apply pressure to ensure that the bonding is tight and firm.



5. Light collector installation

The installation package drill bit of the product configuration is drilled on the tube ring and the upper light guide tube corresponding to the hole of the concentrator, fixed by at least 3 screws, and penetrates the inner wall of the light guide tube, and the concentrator installation should be stable and firm.

Install the collector seal and attach it to the top of the waterproof cap for one week.

6. Diffuser installation

When installing the diffuser, first seal the diffuser and the decorative ring, and use a self-tapping screw to fix the diffuser decorative ring to the bottom of the light guide to ensure a firm installation. At the same time, a level ruler is used to ensure the level of diffuser installation. The foil tape will then be sealed around the diffuser.

Through the above introduction, you can know that the installation steps of the SOLARLIGHT Tubular Daylight Device are not complicated, but you must pay attention to the waterproof problem during the installation process. If you can't solve it yourself, you must contact the relevant staff of SOLARLIGHT.

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