How to choose a light pipe product?
2020-08-04 11:06:53

The authentic distinction of the light pipe is divided into three points: 1. Look at the material 2. Look at the brand 3. Look at the manufacturer.

Look at the material: The light pipe is mainly composed of three parts: a light collector, a light pipe, and a diffuser. The concentrator is made of PC or PMMA, which is smooth and wear-resistant. It has good heat insulation, sound insulation and self-cleaning performance. It has strong light transmission, high light extraction efficiency and anti-aging. The light guide tube adopts the imported aluminum substrate nano-reflective film, the reflectivity is 99%, the indoor transmitted light is colorless, has ultra-high anti-aging property, the surface oxide layer never falls off, and the color is uniform.


Look at the brand: When purchasing the light pipe, you must choose a famous big brand. The big brands and big companies are all mature technical teams who focus on this product. You can solve many technical problems and installation solutions for you in the future. .

Look at the manufacturer: When purchasing the light guide tube, you should try to select the light guide tube products produced by regular manufacturers. Generally, the light guide tubes generated by regular manufacturers have a service life of more than 25 years. The light guide tube is a very durable product. Generally, the initial installation does not require post-maintenance.


Although choosing a light pipe price is an important aspect, remember not to choose which one is lower. According to the three points of material, manufacturer and brand, we should choose the final price and try to choose a light pipe lighting product with the right price and quality.

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